January 25, 2021

Find potential leads with LinkedIn Search in 6 easy steps

It can take a significant amount of time to get a list of prospects. Fasten this process by using the power of automation to get hundreds of potential leads from LinkedIn and start growing your business today!

Find potential leads with LinkedIn Search in 6 easy steps

In my previous article, I wrote about how we can extract data of hundreds of potential leads from a single post on LinkedIn with the awesome automation tool, Phantombuster. In this article, I will cover step by step how can we extract the same data from a simple LinkedIn search.


If you haven't added Phantombuster yet, click on one of the links below to add it to your browser:

Go here for Chrome

Go here for Firefox

Open Phantombuster, sign in your account, or create a free one and go to Phantoms > LinkedIn > LinkedIn Lead generation Workflow


Connect your LinkedIn, then press save.


At the next step, you need to provide the search parameters based on which Phantombuster will effectuate the search and extract data. The simplest way is to go to LinkedIn and insert the keywords in the search area. It is important that this phantom uses the People search function; so make sure you search for characteristics such as Name, Title, Current Position, Company, Bio, Education etc.

If you want to know more about advanced search queries click here or here.

You can add additional parameters such as city, or country to narrow down the search


At the next step, you can set the name of the csv file to which the tool will extract the data.


At the next step, we have the possibility to set up to include the prospected people's e-mail address as well. With the Phantombuster account, we have a limited amount of e-mail discoveries: 20 e-mail / day with the Growth hacker account, 70 with the business and 300 with the Enterprise account. Unfortunately, there is no credit with the free account, but we can use other applications instead, such as Hunter.io or Dropcontact.io (only with a business account) or Snov.io.

I tested it with Hunter.io with a personal e-mail address, and it indeed extracted the e-mail address where it was possible. All you need to do is create a free account, and insert your Hunter.io profile's API key (very easy to find).

The last step is the same settings that we used in the Post Commenter phantom. We can set the phantom to either run manually or repeatedly at the given time, as well as we have the possibility to send the notification to a dedicated Slack channel or to an e-mail address (advanced notifications).


As the last step; the only thing left is to press Launch and start the extraction.

In the logs, we can see if our phantom has run successfully or if there was an error.

In any case, we can change our settings by simply clicking on the Edit button on the right side of the screen and rerun it.

When it has finished with the data extraction, we can download the CSV file and start the fun :)

Eeeeeeasy; right? And the best thing is, that you can test all these applications completely FREE of charge. I personally have a basic LinkedIn account at the moment and I used the free trial version of each application presented in this article. So don't hesitate, try these out, experiment, and boost your prospection to the sky! 🚀🚀