February 22, 2021

How to automate your prospection on LinkedIn

How to automate your prospection on LinkedIn

In my previous articles we saw how to extract hundreds of leads from a single LinkedIn post or from a LinkedIn search just in 5 minutes. In this article, I will show you how to use another amazing tool, ProspectIn to gain time.

ProspectIn is a Chrome-based extension that allows you to automate your LinkedIn prospecting process, while staying under the daily outreach limits set by LinkedIn. It also helps users to reduce the amount of time spent on manual and repetitive tasks liberating time to concentrate on adding more value to their customers. Moreover, thanks to the user-friendly design, you can easily manage multiple campaigns as well as find detailed analysis of their performance on the dashboard.

Now let’s go and find out how to set up an automated flow.


First, add Prospectin from the Chrome extension, open it and click on the CRM button in the bottom right corner to enter the application.


This takes you directly to the application dashboard. With the import CSV function, you can import the contacts in the app previously exported from Linkedin with the Phantombuster app.

See how to export contacts from Linked search or post here and here. More information about the data import can be found here.

ProspectIn Dashboard


After having successfully imported your leads, you can choose if you want to connect, message or follow them. Go to the Campaigns tab to create campaigns and write the outreach messages. You can change between various campaigns at the upper-left corner of the screen:

You can change easily between various campaigns

Setting up scenarios

In order to be more productive, as well as to avoid repetitive, manual tasks it is highly suggested to automate your prospection process (or at least the first few steps). The best way is to use the Scenario function of ProspectIn.

Scenarios allow you to design and personalize in advance your messages that you will send based on the reply (or the lack of reply) of your prospect.

More information about this function can be found here.

Safety of your LinkedIn account

It is important to highlight that when you perform an action in bulk, the app does not execute all the actions immediately in order to stay within the safe activity limit as well as avoid being banned from LinkedIn. For accounts with a low activity rate, the maximum message per day is 80, for warmed-up accounts, it is around 120-140, for Premium or Sales Navigator accounts it is more than 300 messages per day.  You can go to Queue section to see the actions that are waiting as well as the time of the execution.

PRO TIP #1 : Try the enterprise version for a week for free to test all the functions of the app and get a full picture of how it would best fit in your prospection process.

PRO TIP #2 : If you send a lot of connection requests to potential leads, you might reach LinkedIn's invitation limit over time. This is a maximum of 3,000 invitations, but if you send more than 100 invites in 24 hours, LinkedIn will log you out and you have to enter a CAPTCHA to log back in to make sure that you are not a robot. Use Phantombuster's LinkedIn Auto Withdraw phantom to withdraw pending invitations to make space for new ones. You can even set the phantom to run automatically every week/month to remove pending invitations.

You can read more about the various functionalities of each tool on the ProspectIn and the Phantombuster blog.

Congratulations!  You just made your prospection process not just super productive, but awesome as well! Imagine the look on the face of your colleagues when you will reach better results than them while working less!

And hopefully after some time you will be as busy updating the CRM as this girl: