January 25, 2021

How to generate hundreds of leads from a single LinkedIn post

Have you ever wished to find a list full of qualified prospects who are eager to know more about your product/service? Now your dream has become a reality! With just 5 easy steps generate a list of potential leads from LinkedIn and start prospecting today!

How to generate hundreds of leads from a single LinkedIn post

When I worked as a junior business developer at a company that was distributing media content worldwide my mission was to target potential leads in the Scandinavian region in order to establish partnerships as well as generate sales opportunities.

As taught at the university, I used classic business development techniques to get contacts: industry repositories, classic internet searches, databases of trade fair attendees, and of course, LinkedIn (I haven't even scraped LinkedIn's full potential in lead generation back then 😁). Searching and qualifying leads this way was time-consuming and slowed down significantly the prospecting process. Not to mention the amount of time spent on cross-checking data in different databases to make sure they are still up to date.

If I would have known back then that there are way more efficient tools to generate thousands of qualified leads in just a couple of minutes!

In this article, I will show you step by step how you can extract data of hundreds of potential leads from a single LinkedIn post just in a few clicks, to later use them for e-mail marketing, data validation, or other activities.

Phantombuster is a fantastic tool that helps you extract data as well as automate social media activities on LinkedIn, Instagram, Google, and Twitter. It has numerous small automation bots, called Phantoms 👻 which make it possible to extract data from posts, searches, and profiles, and even automate activities such as like or comment posts, follow profiles, or boost your network by sending connection requests to a selected list of people. These little Phantoms save you time so you can concentrate on more important activities such as engaging with insights or creating valuable content.

Now let's see how you can extract publicly available data in just 5 simple steps of people who interacted with a LinkedIn post.

📌 STEP 1

Create engaging content about the topic you want to attract an audience. Search techniques about how to make the post the most viral possible.

If you don't yet have a significant amount of followers, you can also to identify opinion leaders or influencers relevant in your field whose posts and activities attract a lot of people with a special interest. With this step, you pre-qualify the leads as they already show some degree of engagement in the topic.

📌 STEP 2

Add the Phantombuster extension to your web browser:

➡️ Add to Chrome

➡️ Add to Firefox

📌 STEP 3

Sign up for a free Phantombuster account. It will allow you to test one Phantom 👻 (automation bot) for free, or you can sign up with the free trial of the Growth Hacker account where you can test 5 👻👻👻👻👻 simultaneously for 2 weeks!

After creating an account, go to Phantoms > LinkedIn. Here you have two possibilities, either extract data of those who commented on the post, or who liked it. Choose the one that would like to use then click on Use this Phantom (In this example I will use the Post Commenter Phantom).

📌 STEP 4

The first step is to connect your LinkedIn profile with Phantombuster. If you added the extension to your web browser just click on the Connect to LinkedIn button. Then go back to the post that you selected, click on the three buttons at the right-hand side of the post, and copy the link and insert it to the second field (Spreadsheet or post URL).


Now choose if you want your Phantom to run manually or repeatedly. A repeated run can be useful if the post was recently posted, as people are continuously commenting and liking it. In case you want to receive notifications, you can also make the necessary settings here.

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If you click on advanced notifications, you can also redirect notifications to Slack or to an e-mail address.

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Now that you made all the settings, all you need is to launch it! If the run was successful, you will have a list of hundreds of potential leads waiting for you to contact them! 🚀

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✅ PRO TIP #1

To further automate your prospection, use ProspectIn or Snov.io to send automated messages or connection requests to your potential leads. It can also create messaging scenarios that will save you tons of time so you can concentrate your efforts. See my article about campaign automation here.

✅ PRO TIP #2

Use the LinkedIn Profile Scraper phantom to retrieve the e-mail address of the leads. Phantombuster's paid subscription plans include a certain amount of daily Email Discovery credits. You can also use Dropcontact, Hunter.io or Snov.io to retrieve e-mail addresses.

As you can see, LinkedIn has a lot of automation possibilities, and this is only the peek of the mountain 🗻. Start experiencing today, and see how you can make the most of your LinkedIn presence!🚀🚀